In the moment that they told me that you passed away,
The first thing that came to my mind was the memories,
Memories that won’t come back,
Memories that I love and I will love forever,
Memories in which I will always think more I will not relive again,

When I knew you were gone, my heart broke and my mind collapsed,
I cried, I cried how you know have an idea,
They told me that this is not the end,
that better times will come, soon the wound will heal,
But they don't know how this hurt,
They don't know how heartrending it is to feel your heart breaking into a thousand pieces,

The love that I have for you is stronger than anything else,
Even the oblivion surpasses it,
The day pass and I feel alone,
Well your memory still here,

You are the light at the end of the tune,
It’s inevitable that I don't think about you,
I’m glad to meet you,
I need to tell you goodbye, and start to live without you.

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