Life goes on with or without people.
It's a harsh truth accepted by all of us.
But, does something hits your deeply settled box of memories ,when you see something relatable or may be a chocolate wrapper which you kept as an epitome of your bonding?..
and everything scatters just in a click of time.
You start collecting back those pieces of memories like you are collecting pearls from the sand.
You hate them still the 'memories' give you a smile, and the love unknowingly running along your nerves ,unwantedly makes your eyes wet.
You think what went wrong, and then realize nothing went right.

And Still your soft heart thinks are they fine?
Out of nowhere, you get their dreams.
You wake up in the midnight and wonder, do they see you in 'their' dreams where you all reconcile??

But again you realize, you can't ask them neither you want to. You gain consciousness and keep back all the pearls of memories in your deeply settled box of heart and mind connected with a mixture of love and hatred, balancing both the sides.

You close the box tightly just to open it again any other day.
You stand strong once again reminding yourself you don't want those people back in your life.
Life goes on with or without them whom you thought were the charm of your life, and
We console ourselves with these lines just to open the box some other time..

By shreya singh

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