Memories are what we store in our mind

A way to look back to a happier time

A way to keep those that we love in our hearts

In sharing these memories, the healing does start

These memories, I share, I'll put down in pen

For two little boys named, Jon and Jim

So many memories of good times and fun

For beginners, I'll start with this little one.

First there were semis and Jim loved them so

"Big mama" he called them as past us they'd go

And then the first time he said the word truck

Well, I'm sure you can figure where that went amuck.

Before we all knew it along came our Jon

Between these two brothers, a special bond.

With lots of dark hair and huge brown eyes

He looked like his mama, which was no surprise

The boys would come and stay for awhile

And left Aunt Cathy, with their beautiful smiles

But not until there would be stories to tell

For two little boys. mischievious as......well.....

Aunt Cathy could tell you a good whopping few

But this one is special and my favorite too

We had just eaten lunch and they were at play

Jim, Jon and Jess, no napping today.

I'd gone to the kitchen to clean up the mess

When I noticed that silence had invaded our nest

The search had begun to see what was amiss

Nervously, I picked up my pace just a bit.

Low and behold I did find them that day

In the walk-in closet all tucked away

The craft paint bucket is what they had found

A good hundred bottles, with the squirting crown

They already had every color tried out

And decided their canvas would be, without doubt

Cousin Jessica, who in a diaper was clad.

Was happy to help, as she added a tad.

Giggling and smiling they had painted away

Jess looking tie-dyed, you could easily say

Everywhere paint had been squirted and swirled

The clothes and the carpet, little boys and a girl.

The looks on their faces were ones of we're busted

When I opened the closet and looked quite disgusted

Jon's lips began quivering and soon came the cry

Big tears rolling out of those huge brown eyes

I never was good at dealing with that

So I went in the closet and on the floor sat

Holding them all, telling them it was ok

We'll just clean it up and be on with our day.

As I stood to go run a bath in the tub.

I looked down at myself and I had to shrug

The tears had won out and nothing else mattered

I too had become a canvas of splatters

Cathleen Blome


Dedicated to my nephews, Jim and Jon

In Memory of Jonathon Daniel Dec 11th, 1979 --- April 9th, 2014

I love you!

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