I found him on a street corner
To the street lights he was no foreigner
He spoke of a life, the one before this
What he would do to get back simple bliss

His daughter's smile, his wife's kiss
The past is beautiful, the future an abyss
What he holds most dear is just a reminisce
Life's lonelier when you have something to miss

He looks down wishing he could go
If only life's road was a plateau
Lost in this memory, cries tears of joy
Wishing he could once again hold his boy

His life, beautiful as any other
Summer nights cold: hides in sight of his brother
The ones he lost, all he has feared
Happiness: shadow of his fading white beard

I looked into his sea, filled with regret
Wondering if he is forever in debt
Then I saw my reflection in that sea
Wondering if that will ever be me

He said but few words that left me in tears
Maybe sharing pain will brighten my years

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