Breathing in the fresh, cool air of the early morning.
My feet carry me to the place I know all to well.
The place where all problem and fears disappeared.
Crawling under the fence, and into the wet morning grass.
Walking down the slope of rocks underneath the bridge.
The sound of cars driving over my head in prominent.
The current of the river runs swiftly in front of me.
Every memory, every laugh, every fish we almost.
Every moment I stood at the river stared me in the face.
The wind whips around me from each direction.
Shivers sent down my spine until I feel a hand touch my shoulder.
"I remember this place too Bea." My sister embraces me.
The place we told each other secrets, and drank hot cocoa.
The place we could disappear to when home became nerve wracking.
The place that I held so close to my heart.
The river we fished in, lost lures, told secrets.
The days when life was simple.
The memories I would never, ever forget.

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