I call
No answer.
I bawl
I hate cancer.

I watched
As it drug you down.
you became botched
And began to drown.

In hopelessness despair
You finally were in peace,
There was no way to prepare
To watch a life cease.

I couldn’t let go of someone so dear
I cried for days
This was my worst fear
The next few weeks went by in a hayes

Not a single day goes by
Without the thought of you.
Constantly flashing in and out like a firefly,
You are the one I look up to.

Many tears were shed
Many more to come
My heart is in shreds
My mood is very glum
They say you would be proud of who I have become
Of all my accomplishments
All of my acknowledgements
And that I’m not just a bum.

I smile not because I’m glad your gone
But because the suffer is over
I’ll see you again someday just after dawn
When that day comes we can play red rover.

Like old
Like new
Your heart was gold
You watched me as I grew

A child
A teenager
I was quite wild!
Could I have been any stranger?

A smile to remember
A welcoming hug
Warm like an ember
You called me your bug

You gave me your love
The greatest gift of all
As pure as foxglove
As calming as rainfall
I miss my best friend
Forever and always
And I would definitely recommend
Your banana bread for days!

This poem is dedicated to my Great Grandma who passed away in February of 2015 due to her long battle with cancer. In her early age she was diagnosed with breast cancer and worked her way into remission and stayed there for many years. In October of 2015 she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, breast cancer, and cancer in her GI tract. She fought another tough battle but sadly this battle wasn’t won.

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