Every night, before I fall asleep
I lay my head down, and memories of the past
begin to appear in my mind.
Precious memories that I pray to never to lose
I wish we had spent more time together
to create more beautiful memories.
I wish I never ran away,
I wish I had listened to my heart, I ran because I was
afraid of loving you, that you would break me.
but when I realized how beautiful your soul is,
it was too late, everything had changed, but I still
loved you, I still do and will always love you.
We could have created beautiful memories, but time was
too short.
Now the only memories I have is of you smiling,
holding my hand, walking me home,
and saying our final goodbye.
Thinking of these memories and what we could have done
makes me cry and smile at the same time
I just want to be with u
I will cherish all these memories, till we meet again.
And till then, my love, please wait for me...

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