You can suppress memories of the past
Of certain people and events

But it seems those moments can always resurface

In the blink of eye

You can be reminded of those memories
By a song or a smell or a familiar place

Or a smile

Even when you don’t want to be
Even when you don’t except to be

Those feelings come flooding back

Like a speeding train

Sometimes they come back off track

Feelings you can’t explain

Feelings you thought you left behind

Reminding you
Of what you left behind

And why you left and let it slip from your memory

Sometimes there may seem like
There is some small ray of hope for a future
You see it through the sliver of rays
Shining through the blinds

But reality sits in
The blinds open up

And all those reason why
Come flooding through
Like rays of golden sunshine
It is so painfully bright

And you realize that
That there is nothing left there

That those memories
Those people
Those places

And that smile

Exactly where

they are supposed to be

Just memories in your mind
That you have dismissed from your mind
©Robin J

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The feeling of loving someone you can not be with, a long lost love