Memories from a long forgotten journal

I've felt Hell.
That's not to say I've died.
I haven't been resurrected.
But in my own consciousness, I have felt Hades' sizzling whip lick my back.
I have breathed in the hot embers of Satan's ever after.
I've felt them scorch the inside of my gnawed and calloused cheeks.
I have witnessed the cries of despair and I have witnessed them while gazing upon myself.
I've stared into my own fear stricken eyes while floating outside my body and glimpsed the white hot flames dancing in my drunken gaze.
The wrath of Hell has tangled it's way into my body and danced with my heart.
It has whispered secrets in my ear and told only my soul it's most scandalous stories.
I've waltzed with with devil, his hot red hands have tucked whisps of dry hair behind my ear in passionate gesture..

I've been held in the tight embrace of the glowing darkness.

Yes, I've felt Hell.

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This Poems Story

For five years I suffered as an agoraphobic shut in. I was diagnosed with severe OCD, panic disorder, anxiety and phobias. I suffered a psychotic break with reality. When I was ill, I was far too sick to write.. but this is what I remember..