Memories of a Mother

Though it may be awhile before I see you once more;
the precious memories of you will lead me to Heavens door.
The pain I caused you growing up I can't tell;
but weather you believe me or not I loved you so well.
When I lay myself to sleep at night.
Your memory I shall keep.
Your voice is so soft and kind; your smile so sweet.
You are an inspiration worth while,
compassion so deep; in the end you showed me
a love so beautiful to keep.
In my heart your memory lingers,
good ones and bad ones too;
But my dear Mother, there's not a day that goes
by that I don't think about you.
My heart remains sad because I miss you so
but a brave smile is all I must show.
Consoled by the knowing that I'll see you at Heaven's door;
only then my tears of sadness will show no more.
Time may heal my wounds so they are less sore;
but time can never stop the longing for
my Mother in my hearts core.
I often sit and dream of you when I'm all alone;
for memories of my Mother is what gives me peace
and only then I can call my grief it's own.

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