Memories of War

By Zenith   

After the war has begun,
Before we join the rising sun,
Can we rethink this?
Dying, giving away the bliss?
Each one of you who comes,
Forget the want and do the sums!
Give your whole life up?
Homes left behind, no longer a pup?
Indeed, you all want to stay.
Just remember, sometimes we can only pray.
Killings and bombings in your mind,
Leaving nothing but your own sorrow behind.
Many lost on the battlefield of war,
Not many come home who can bear any more.
Off of the field, some mourn and some sleep,
Properly buried six feet under deep.
Questioning, did my life make a change?
Rather, was I just part of a great stock exchange?
Still I remember the lives of the lost.
Their lives were not given for an empty cost.
Under the ground, many lives lay.
Veterans survive, to this very day.
Where is the fighting? It's buried deep down,
‘Xiled from daylight, no longer around.
You take it for granted, the peace that they've brought;
Zero more wars, but remember those who fought.

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