Memories Painted Thick

Atlas designed to guide figures drawn
Illuminated in light
Compass shown; direction dictated by voices called
Followed by a discordant melody
Their faces fall south to meet their purple hearts
Bruised with honor
Decorate these soldiers with pins and ribbons
Let them lead the march, lead the war waged on themselves
In defiance they scream for home to call them
They long for the words of loved ones lost in the tyranny
Tragically photos burn in fires that have been burning deep
From the ashes of memories painted thick
Widows' fall, veils disappear
And the lunacy of angels still entangled in the triumph of self doubt
Do these soldiers leave the living walking in line?
In due time revelations turn to revolutions
And forgiveness is forgotten
In the frigid cold exhalations from pedestrians' eyes
We all see what they left behind and what we've become

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