I'm falling asleep to the soft sounds of music and it has me thinking
of all the moments we shared together. Like our first date or that
time we fell asleep together listening to those sweet sounds. All
I can think about are those moments. We had some of the best times
together and it's those times I'd think about for weeks trying not to
cry when one of the songs came on.
When I saw you for the first time since then I realized I forgot what
I was missing. I've started to accept that no matter what happens
or where we end up, I'll never let that feeling go.
Even if you forget about me I'll never forget about you.
When I first told you I love you there was no hesitation and I knew
that I meant it and that was something I have never felt
felt so natural being with you.
I just need you to know how I'm feeling right now because the music
keeps playing and I just keep thinking.
I miss the days when I could say your name and flutter instead of falter.
I don't want to fall in love again. I fell deep for you.
I drowned in you aura.
You were my center. My treasure. Without you, I am broken.
My pieces are shattered and I try to put them back together
but there will always be a hole where you once fit.

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