The colors are melting today
Into pools of muddy goop
It's funny to see the trees usually so loudly green
now grey
No-today they are not even grey
The grey has also slid into the puddle
Left is only a void where the trees used to be
for without their colors outlined against the blue
(now voided) sky
their forms cannot be identified
I wander through this forest of trees that no longer exist
Just a memory of a woods that used to be
How strange to walk amongst mere impressions
The smell of pine has faded with the green and left faint traces
to cling only in my nostrils
Soon, I know my colors will also join the wet mud
now sticking in the treads of my shoes
They will run down my neck, onto my belly,
and trace drops down my legs
All the brown and beautiful blues
my pink lips and even my heart
All will become a void
As the forest exists only in my mind
So shall I
colorless and chaotic

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