Memory of Solace

Hazel eyes met the hues of insanity that day
gentle lips caress the smirk of tainted blood
soft hands held those that where covered in mud
her heart, gave the insides of a psycho a new start
Day one in her uniform, dressed to kill and looks too
Beside me, we trained together our hearts tangled true
Day forty-seven, Valentine's:she gave her heart, and I gave mine
From that day, my heart was soft, and I loved her time
But this world is cold in its mists of war and sorrow
a year later, love was lost along with the brighter tomorrow
the father I could have been, the husband I was to become
all that was taken away in an instant, now I am redone
The war is on, the hate is impassive, the rage intense
The only reason I don't hurt anyone is because of her
a memory inside a promise to keep, never to harm the weak
never to destroy without cause, but I still on myself break
I wish to die in battle like her, so that maybe I can awake
She is my angel, she is my life, she is my solace
in the mists of hollow and the essence that may follow
the cuts run deep in this skin once scarred from war
now just a canvas of self-inflicted art, for I'm torn apart
Only those close to me, keep me sewn shut before I restart
Her memory keeps me going to help others in need
But all know very well I am insane, best take heed
Till the day I come to pass, I will remain a duality-save me

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