Mending Mistakes.

I am a good person,

I know this is true,

All I want now is to just see this through.

To make sure you’re okay,

To know that nothing’s wrong,

But it’s hard to know anything when I can’t read your song.

This song you sing, or rather lack of,

I want nothing more than to share with you my love.

There’s so much inside me, can’t you see that it’s my purpose?

To live kindly and laugh loudly, sit down, let’s discuss this.

There’s nothing I can do unless I know your side,

Please talk to me and tell me so these tensions do not rise,

I can’t stand the pressures, I’m so close to the edge,

Let’s stop this now so we don’t need a dredge.

It’s the last thing I want-to be buried alive,

I just want to know that for this, we can skive,

Remove all the bad and just leave room for the good,

Appreciate each other in the way that we should,

Don’t talk behind the curtains and leave us out to dry,

I want to know that we can say what, how, and why,

Why anything is wrong and what we can do to fix it,

Just be honest with ourselves and together we will transmit,

Exactly what we’re feeling and how to stop the madness,

We’re all living life, so don’t forget the badness,

That perhaps we all are feeling and yet none of us will know,

That our anger comes from elsewhere, though it’s all that we will show,

It’s never my intention to break you down so deep,

I hope we can get passed this and put it down to sleep.

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