Mental Illness

Drowning in a river of tears
Everything seems to be crashing down around me
People seem to be laughing, staring
Reason after reason comes up, making me sick
Everyone wants to bring me down, saying things behind my back
Since a year ago everything seems so dark and grey
Songs that sound gloomy are the only things I find pleasure in
I want to be happy, but these things are making it difficult
One time I was happy, but that was a while ago
Now I'm sad, it's been this way for awhile

A single person makes me nervous
Now every sound makes me jump
Xerotic, my mouth becomes xerotic
I look around, and everything is moving so quickly
Everyone is laughing at me
This happens often
Yelling makes me terrified

Big things, little things, they all change my mood
I can't help it, it just happens
People can even alter my mood
Often times I get angry over nothing
Lots of times I'm happy, sad, and angry all at once
At times I'm so mad I can't stand it
Really, I can't help it, believe me

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