Mental Instability

Why do you think people hate themselves?

We are given this image of perfection that we wish to be… we wish to be considered attractive, we wish to be envied; we wish to be someone worth another’s time. People hate themselves because they don’t see themselves. They look at themselves in a mirror, a photo, a reflection, in their imagination… they look at themselves in all the places where they are TRYING to look beautiful; but that is the most tragic piece to it – we don’t get to see us for who we are… who we are in our natural state, when we aren’t trying to be someone we aren’t but we are simply being ourselves. People ask you: “Why do you hate yourself? You’re gorgeous, intelligent, and humorous. What isn’t there to love about you?”

They ask you because they see you for you… whereas you don’t see your true self. You wish to be someone people love… someone people are jealous of… but because you are so blinded by self-hate you don’t see that people already DO love you. People already DO envy you.

Your friends telling you that you are gorgeous, claiming that they wish they were as pretty as you? They aren’t just being kind.. they are being completely honest.

Those bullies at school telling you you’re hideous? It’s only because they are jealous that they weren’t created as you were. They are jealous because they don’t possess as much beauty as you.

You hate yourself because you aren’t yourself.

Why do you think people get depressed?

I like to think of depression as this invisible force taking over one’s soul. They gain power for each person who gives in to the madness, and so when a person begins to waver under the pressure of it all, it takes control of their mind, heart, and body until the life deep within can no longer handle the maddening demon that has possessed them… which results in their death.

People become depressed because they are no longer capable of carrying the weight that has been placed on their shoulders. They become depressed because that spark that once lit the candle of hope has lost oxygen, and died out; they lose belief in themselves, but also belief in others.

Their trust for people? It vanishes

Their hope that things will get better? Did it ever even exist?

Their entire essence; who they are? You may never see that again.

Depression is caused because their soul is too pure for the world, and the world didn’t know what to do with them… and so they became the guinea pigs of the experiment. The question they are trying to answer? :

How much can one person take? When does someone FINALLY reach their breaking point?

Don’t feel bad if you can’t handle it.

Cruelty and brutal tortures shouldn’t be something you’re an expert at.

Why do you think people cut?

Whether it be with a blade, a knife, a needle, or even a pop tab; you can’t deny the scars that have been drawn so carefully on the skin of those unable to win the battles against themselves; the red paint that has been brushed across the canvas that is their skin.

The never – fading reminder of their weakness and failure.

People cut because it gives them an escape. From the point they dig into their plump flesh with that cold, sharp metal to the moment the dark, crimson life source comes pouring like a waterfall from your body it is one of closest friends you will have during these dark times.

The keen piece of steel will always be there for you, it never goes away and whenever you need it… it’s in reach. The moments you are struggling to even breathe on your own, due to the heavy burdens crushing you, you will need someone there for you; and this artistic tool wants to actually help you… it wants to make you feel better.

People cut because that is the one thing they can do; they don’t get out of bed, they don’t bother working, they are too exhausted to even attempt to choke down a meal; but it’s so simple to take a thin piece of metal and glide it, gracefully along your skin.

That blade never fails you, not like you’ve failed yourself.

Why do you think people commit suicide?

Well, tell me this: what would you do if you reached your breaking point?

What would you do if you became numb no matter how hard you tried to feel?

What would you do if you went to school and got beat up by your fellow classmates now, as a routine… and then went home and faced your abusive parents?

What would you do if week after week you had friends – people you consider your family, kill themselves due to your incapability to save them from the monsters that haunted them day and night?

What would you do if all hope was lost and this seemed to be your only option?

What would you do if the only happiness in your life came from the thoughts of being free?

What would you do if death was your only chance at life?

What would you do if this life wasn’t meant for you?

“Suicide is not the answer”?

You’re right; but it is an option.

You see, life isn’t as simple as there being one answer to your fate. It’s a multiple choice question, and the decision is yours to make. Sometimes, you want to say it’s one answer, but your hope in that being the correct choice ceases to exist and you choose the answer you are more confident of the result of;

Life – You risk a lot. You cannot see your future; you are unable to make clear that things will be alright. You are suffering an incredible amount right now, and there is ALWAYS that possibility things won’t get better.

Death – You aren’t sure what comes after your lifeline is finally snipped; but you can be certain that you will be free of this life’s torture… you won’t have to deal with the constant bullying from the kids at school, the never – ending feeling of sadness and frustration; you will no longer be a witness to the cruelty that has taken over our beautiful world.

What would you do if you were given the choice?

Why do you think I wrote this?

I suppose this one is yours to answer.

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