Mental Storm

YOUR HEAD IS A STORM all the thoughts in a race
Memories being forgotten without a trace

As night starts to fall
Your thoughts start to become small

And in the night feeling peace
Brain shutting down and stops its beats

YOU WAKE UP to it all being a rush
Simply wishing u can stop and enjoy the scenery in the lush

Hiding from your thoughts just to catch a breath
Start to climb down into the depths

Night falls and as you sleep
You come back and things are alot less bleak

Noticing the sky so deep so free
It sparkles and shouts out and smiles upon me

The whispers are the wind
And the winds no longer in a bind
It's me myself and my peace of mind

I look up at the stars
No longer feeling trapped with bars

Who knew a dead thing can be so pretty
Never seen such beauty in this now heavenly city

Think close and you will see
That were alot more like the sky
All have our own unique ways

We dont have to listen to society judge and outweight

Your too big your not pretty enough your dumb yall have had heard that probably before
But this is the time you'll hear it no more

All you can do is love yourself and give it your best
Show them that there is no weight on your chest

Prove them wrong make them see
That they are just their own enemy

Smile at them be kind make their day
Cause those are the kids where their thoughts are in dismay

Spend a second and make it a bit better
Give it a little crunch like a red bell pepper

Cause who knows what their going throu
But yet they still dont know enough bout you

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