Mental Symbiosis

The mind is a world of the abstract
That processes the concrete
And navigates the world
Through its concrete counterpart, the brain.
The brain uses its abilities head on
Keeping the essentials in the background
Making sure to adapt
As the most powerful organ in the body.
The mind cannot exist without the brain
But the brain is lifeless without the mind
One is powerless without the other
Their strength is unmatched when they're together.
The mind and the brain both hate when they're alone
In solitude, they break down
But in contact with others like them
United, they stand.
Intangibles enrapture the mind
Fear and stress in particular
Corner it, ready to devour
But with vulnerability, the mind comes with strength.
The brain allows the mind
To manifest mental strength
To overcome obstacles
Both tangible and intangible.

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