Menthol Love

A mother loved the sharp crystal salt.
A father loved the smooth powdered sugar.
Then their little girl came in wondering,
"Will I become a tattered sunken in face that they remember?"

Years pass painfully as the father dies.
Ten years had flown by, and her mother finally left salt behind.
But the past cries for the little girls touch, just a tiny taste
Another trick in the family so addiction can be her only name.

Sixteen hits, lost and stumbling down an unknown road
Looking up, a comforting soul named Nicki takes her by the hand
Promising she'll never say goodbye.

From that point on the girl realizes her new coping skill.
Aging with every inhale, she stares at Nicki's burning red hair.
Black eyes stare back trying to capture all of the young girl's air.
Eventually leaving with the new found desire
She is a mint chemical to kill all the girl intended to inspire.
Then the chemicals scream saying,
"there're twenty Nickis in a pack, your secret will not be told."

Time still flies, the mirrors are all broken,
The now older girl has never noticed the life she has chosen.
Opening her now wrinkled eyes, reaching for more fiery ammunition
She gasps for breath through spotted lungs, trying to get out,
"Will I ever be forgiven?"
Nicki now chimes in while taking her last inhale,
"Don't you remember how it started? Now you've become
the very thing your parents hated about themselves."

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