I met a wise, old sage
I came to in my rage
Over the audacity of rules
I saw as ridiculous and cruel

His advice he gave,
He did not rave
But slowly spoke melodramatically
Nothing was said sarcastically

"Do not worry," said he with a smile
Then he just sat for a while
As if waiting for me to talk
I did speak but did not balk.

I contemplated on those words
Until my brain turned to curd
Then I understood what he said
The answer was already in my head.

I'm the master of what I do
What I say and where I go to
As spontaneous as fire
My brain lit up like a pyre.

I ran away from the wise
Whose words had torn away my guise
His catalytic phrase
Changed my life in many ways.

The forbidden was now free
From gripping hands that held me
I escaped controlling bands of death
That held me down and sucked out my breath

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