A butterfly under a shoe

taking her last breath

little did you know

that beautiful butterfly was you

begging for mercy

but she was too late

she had already fallen under a greater fate

you couldn’t just pull back your fist

look in my eyes

tell me you love me without telling those lies

i’ve had a lotta practice

your transpicuous

you know that I’m right

you gulp every time you look me in the eyes

with a shimmer less glare

you step on me

like i was never there

cutting me down

like barb on a wire

and when i cut you

you just light on fire

another fist to the face

you thought your injustice would pass with all grace

but a light always enters the room

you disappear with all your pain and your gloom

you can’t run back down this road

once your gone

so is your home

your tear it down

all with a stranger as you moan

you think this is funny

but your just a room

a room that i’ve left

a memory encrypt

a hopeless theft.

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