Sitting in the dark with silent bloody tears running down my masked face
Moving lips yet muted voice, which muffles my cries of anguish and help
Internal scars no one sees and bloody eyes that are held with a fooling grace
A beating heart yet a dead soul, which masks my need for desperate help

Day after day turns into years and eventually I become a lifeless and faintly beating corpse
Why the torturing pain, and why am I between life and death as I’m already a living corpse
Rejection from you and the cruelty from the
world has me begging and starving for mercy
Hatred from you and the denial form the world has me screaming, yet the fate again denies me it’s mercy

At times I feel that death is a blessing as it gives me a break from the constant heartbreak and pain
At times I can’t help but have hope for the blooming rainbow after the endless periods of drastic rain.
At times I can’t help but wonder that rain is a blessing in a drought yet torture when the world wants to move on
At times I feel as if there is a knife at my throat and the world is making my every move as if I’m a simple pawn

Sinking under the water and praying for an easy escape as I have not much to live for
Knife in my hand yet my ego wants me to leave with a peaceful blessing and wanting more
I faintly see the light calling for me and all I feel is joy, and before I go I’ll let you know that I wont be able to easily forgive
I wont lie when I say that death is what I want and I hope you understand that death is peace as I don’t have strength to live

This is goodbye to the breaking of my heart and pain that you caused
I feel the light calling and I don’t feel the pain anymore or as if I’m flawed
I wanted death and now I’ve been given my peaceful mercy
I wanted death and now I’ve been given my blissful mercy

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