Mercy Me

The state of the world today is not cool at all
We have the man in charge determined to build a wall
as he appears to keep us safe that's the plan
No drug dealers, killers
but visions like the Klu Klux Klan
Promised to cut funds from the sanctuary city
Appeal Obamacare and cut healthcare for many
Big insurance companies get rich off healthcare
While uninsured struggle and get treatment nowhere
Take out the artificial boundaries
and the artificial lines he say
A few changes made but they remain still until this day
Gov. shut down people can't get no pay
Leaders acting like a toddler can't have it's way
Compromise is what is needed the most
Instead its no humility, or compassion
And the comedians continue to roast
We are laughed at and considered a joke
while Washington play tug--a-war
We struggle and continue to go broke

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