Mere Appendage

Want to pray the butterflies away
Still newspaper cant cover stains of flutter color
And God doesn't listen to the devil's plead for wings

Target surrounded by weapons
Spears on the tip of my tongue
When I open my eyes I see flowers
And shimmering, hand-painted wings
I still taste metal, or is it blood?

The foot bone's connected
to the leg bone
Fish don't swim in ice but I could
Before the crack hammer hammer hammer between your arms

Was it something for me to expect
The shark following the seals becomes your pet?

You tried
Breaking the ice menagerie
Might make you, so happy to hate
For me- you swung, but I'm still missing
Is it the glass that is shattered? I don't remember
Strange that a chip in porcelain could break me
You slipped it in that envelope
Sealed with a smile a laugh a kiss

So is it you that I thank?
Left with just enough rope to hang myself

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