Merely a Speck in a Void

In the void of space there floats a speck,
Tiny and insignificant compared to the vast expanse it resides in.
It is not alone, many of its kind are with it in the void.
It is neither the largest,
The smallest,
The greatest,
Nor the prettiest.
Yet, this speck is beloved by many,
While its companions are loved by few.
Wars are fought over it,
Wars in which millions die and many more suffer.
Campaigns are held to protect it and to save it.
This speck is celebrated and known to all,
Whether they are aware of it or not.
It is billions of years old,
It has billions of inhabitants,
It is the only planet known to humankind to support life.
It is but a speck in the expanse of this universe,
Yet it means so much to all that live upon it.
Many spend their lives hoping to control even a small fraction of it,
Hoping to rule simply part of a speck.
But in the end, it is just a speck as it always has been,
A mere speck known as a planet,
A mere speck called Earth.

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This Poems Story

A poem of the realisation that Earth is actually only a small speck in this universe.