The last thing she wanted was sympathy.
Mermaids only come to the surface because they’ve never heard symphonies.
If you’re underwater for too long, are you considered unseaworthy?
Mermaids only wish getting legs to walk out of the Ocean’s abyss was simpler.
Some of us take giant steps while the rest of us have footsteps much more stealthy.

“When did you last see…” the Sun?
Wow, you should get up there more often.
“You have a visitor,” the Moon said to her under the water.
Time is angry little mermaid, and she’s here to scream you’ve been treating her awfully!
What are you willing to sacrifice to put reality into the life in which you’ve dreamed?

The last thing she wanted was sympathy.
Mermaids are used to the darkness, she just saw the light and wanted more out of it.
If you’ve found a place you love, are you going to make it your sanctuary?
Mermaids are building their lives so that the threat of heart-stealing sharks is itty-bitty.
Some of us deny the shipwreck while the rest of us don’t mind that we sank.

Have you ever been sailing for so long that you get to missing Sunflowers?
What they don’t tell anybody is there’s a place deep inside where the sailor softens.

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