Merry Christmas

Open thy eyes My dear! Open thy eyes My dear! Look! Jesus Christ is standing Before
thee and still you are sleeping in thy imaginations and dreams! Arise! Arise! Arise!
Touch his feet and get his blessings to make your life happy My dear! He is Omnipotent
whenever you are in trouble, he helps you My dear!
Today is Christmas day My dear! It is the most important day in your life Hurry up My
Dear! Hurry up My dear! Get ready! Get ready! My dear! My dear! Offer your prayers
Before Jesus Christ! “Take oath to leave bad deeds, to take part in good deeds &
To create love in the hearts of the people of the world because “ESHU” means
“LOVE”& “ESHU IS LOVE”. After doing so, I tell You one thing that is most Important
in your lives, If you do such, Your life will be happy and you will feel the Pleasure of
heaven even on this earth. After completing your prayers in church, Go To Jesus Christ
and say to him :-
“Today, we take oath, we are yours children, we offer ourselves to you, our all
Activities will be according to your will, l will not take any decision without Your
will because you are my father When children do works according to their
Father, they will never get into trouble, they will always be happy.”
My dear! Further I request you if you do so, you will see, your life will be happy and
You will get so much pleasure as you can’t guess.
Now I ask you:- “Neither you have come on this earth by your own desire, nor
You will leave this earth by your own desire, Why do you not do work According
to His (God) desire, why do you do work according to your own Desire, this is
the very reason of your sufferings”.
I say! Leave everything on God, his decision will be good because “What ever
Happens, happens for the best.” Now Go! and Celebrate Christmas Day with love!
Offer gifts and Get gifts! Give sweets and Take sweets! Thus, Get the enjoyment of
Christmas day My dear! I Know that “All will celebrate Christmas Day except her
Because she is the busiest lady on this earth, May God change her bad Thinking
into good thinking & be ready for marriage otherwise her life will be Ruined”.

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