It was last summer, I was on my phone since we arrived,
Not once did I look up, Not once did I look down,
My eyes were glued to the screen of my phone,
I was in the room, all alone.
I was so consumed by the game,
I could not tear my gaze from the screen,
At last… the battery died.
My eyes were burning, My fingers were sore,
Then I finally looked up.
That was when I saw it,
The most amazing sight ever!
I cannot describe its beauty but I’ll try my best,
Chirping birds, of various colours,
the glistening stream of water,
the leaves of the trees greener than ever,
flowers were everywhere, as if thrown around randomly.
It was the most beautiful sight ever
Then I realized that I was mesmerized
Open your eyes to nature, and not to your phone screen,
So that you can see that nature is more beautiful than it usually seem.

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