Mess I’ve Made

You said to never call you said to never write
You said to stay away the night of our last fight
You said im no longer yours and you hate who I am
How do I continue alone Is this the end
Thirtyfour years Ive called you my dad
Now im alone I just dont understand
How do I fix this mess that I made
I cant live without you
Will your anger ever fade
I know im grown
An adult is what you see
Daddy is who you are to me you always will be
You said when you died to stay far away
Do you really mean these words that you say
Its been a year
You hate who I am I am all alone
This Ive come to understand
I will never be able to fix the mess that Ive made
I now know your anger will never fade
You have passed I have stayed far away
Im sorry daddy for the mess that Ive made

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