Message For The Future

Here's a message for the future from the place you call the past.
we're sorry for our mindless waste though resources would not last.
We're sorry if it's hot down there and the water's rising still
and if you've had to move your homes to gather on the hills.

We're sorry for the animals you'll never see again
and sorry for the rainforests cut down for human gain.
When we robbed you of the minerals and fished 'til stocks were gone,
then filled your air with CO2, our legacy was done.

We bequeathed you our pollution in your rivers, lands and seas
and poison hanging in your air that you cannot see.
We left you our indifference passed on without a care
and sorry is an empty word to answer your nightmare.

Here's a message from the future though you'll never hear it said,
for all your selfish plundering we are glad that you are dead,
For now we live in misery, denied the life you had,
made much worse by witnessing how you turned this good world bad.

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