Message is Clear

of all the thangs in the world many people pick religion to play,
best choose to play with idols,this is message We relay.
Everythang that is sacred We must treat with care,
All faithful to the Lord to foul up the word they'd never dare.
to love the Lord is a must and will always Be,
for We can never love this world No,not over the merciful almighty.
The love of Jah shines everyone should feel the rays,
and know that the Lord will answer Us when We make time to pray.
It don't have to be when We want what's important is that it occurs,
when the Lord moves We can feel the soul begin to stir.
We can see Him in the newborns,in how wonderfully they're made,
even created for them special meals and mother's warmth and breast to aid.
We have to learn to give thanks and to the Lord give praise,
for when the sleep of death comes it is Jah whom borns again and raise.
Let's not get caught up in the world's unholy games,
spreading lies that the Lord has changed when Jah remains the same.
some think by the false pretences that they won't get what's due,
the Lord hasn't dealt in the materialistic His word and way remains true.
We must take the truth to heart if it's to Be of any help,
Truth will make the truest guide and sure footing for Our steps.
The Lord's with the ones that are far as well as the ones that are near,
to all who love the Truth,We know this Message is Clear! Amen

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