Message to a Black Man

Black Man, oh mighty Black Man why are you still hiding from
what your soul was meant to be?
You were once the Keepers of the Kingdom had knowledge
of the sun, moon and stars.
One day you allowed the beast, disguised as a friend into
your world, you were blind and did not see
That a devil has entered your world and the mission was
not one of mercy but to destroy who you are
And steal all wealth, including your mind, body and soul.

There are some folks who have awaken from this nightmare
perpetrated on Black Folks as a race
And have been reunited with the knowledge that was removed
from all the books we read in school.
This is just not enough, the rest of Black Mankind needs to take
blinders off and start teaching our babies our real place
In the order of our life on earth and stop clowning and being
a footstool an idiot and a downright fool
For a master who is one because we allow it.

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