the way the ocean roars but no one has reached its floor
there is always memories that stick that stay maybe
its the beaming of the sun or the night full of fireflies
open the pickle jar and a big hand comes along to save you
like the footprints in the sand all you need is a hand
having trouble adjusting to the new course of life
but just how long can u hold your breathe
don't be scared you were always the chosen one
show them show them you broke free
now it all out in the open everybody mind is floating
never knew u were devoting
they thought u were exploring space now lets close face
bow your head click your heals Dorothy it was all a dream
don't tell me you thought you were that
just face it erase it you'll never make it
don't let the voices send you messages
but how do you step up and change the game up
how can you play this its one move to check mate them
get up out that blues and let the gospel take it
fix it create it the finger pops now your on top
the man in the mirror is the only one that saved you
give the credit were its do look back realize it was always you

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