Messenger From Time

As I sat there in deep meditation
by the tree on Hangman's Hill,
suddenly the sky darkened
and everything grew still.

Out of the fog he appeared
a short, old man with an extraordinary beard.
His beard was curly, grey, and extremely long,
his body seemed weak, but his spirit seemed strong.

He was wrapped in a black toga
with a hood over his head,
and I tried to speak
but my tongue was like lead.

His eyes were like fiery coal
which could burn into someone and search his soul.
My entire being was warm with delight
and yet my body shook with fright.

As he looked out over the skyscrapers and smog of the city,
and the harbour filled with slime,
the tears welled in his eyes and he muttered "What a pity"
and vanished into the mists of time.

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