Messengers of Rage

You hear them everywhere
spewing their venomous words of hate
And if you're like me,
a lover of peace
Then I implore you, do not take the bait

You see them ubiquitously
their angry images on electromagnetic waves
And if you're akin to me
a lover of tranquility
I beg of you, don't succumb to their beastly raves

They're always just a touch away ---
from your laptop, cell phone and tablet
Sending subliminal toxic rhetoric
spread by way of the digital alphabet

Their violent words are as contagious
as the most virulent ebola strain
Don't let them seep into your heart,
don't let them circulate to your brain
You have to disconnect
You have to disengage
Or you'll fall sway to the siren song
transmitted by the messengers of rage

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