By Vindt   

I lament for the meager carcass of good taste and vibrancy, whereas it feeds among body and mind like an epidemic, exiling bloody tender hearts and replacing them with silver-steeled motors,
for the murderous weapon reaping the collective soul of the sun’s color, engendering and obscuring fallacy as The veil of happiness,
for the intimate sentiment of unsociable socialism that is never spoken of, but truly known as The shattering bone-splintering fall of our generation,
for the diaphanous flowers loathing against figures who have already forgotten what it feels like to stand barefoot in the wet technicolor grass,
for the thunderous heartbeat that once lacerated in the chests of men and women for the luminescent constellations against the pitch-ink skies rather than through the heavy sweat of indecency and misery,
for the arcane minds who harbor deep unknowns that are pure and sublime yet are flattened and minimized by the heavy sheep and schmuck who disguise themselves in the anatomy of our Friends and Family,
for the awareness lost in the crossfire and burned in the ashes of unused chimneys and stovetops,
for the impenetrable drapes of oblivion against the ancient definition of human bond which the mindless ones have come to dub as customary.

I lament for the old souls who bear minds satiated with extraordinary nebulae of wonderment and curiosity,
for the ones who remember how to walk through the shadowy billows without dissipating.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem based around the central idea of our emerging era with new advancing, unseen technology and new cultural normalcy within our generation. With rapid change always comes hesitation and the feeling of uncomfort which I represented using the word “lament” which means to mourn or grieve. I “lament” for negative characteristics of the baggage that this new age brings with it. My poem characterizes the stage between adjusting to the new customs which is why I named it “metamorphosis,” the process in which caterpillars transform into butterflies. In “metamorphosis” caterpillars undergo a life-altering transformation just like our generation is doing upon the creation of technology. I wanted to acknowledge the little things once important to precedent generations that are being forgotten, but also the people who go through the terror of the emerging generation without losing themselves in the change. They are the people who know who they are no matter the circumstances and will not fall and forget their values in matters of distractions.