When I was an egg, you didn't know me.
You only knew what you saw, my shell.
I was yet to be discovered.
I was as much of a stranger to you as I was to myself.

When I became a caterpillar, I began to feed.
I walked like you.
I talked like you.
I listened to and memorized all your favorite songs.
I stole your clothes when you weren't looking.
I picked up all you habits, even the bad ones.
I lost myself because I became you.

One day, I stopped feeding.
One day I realized I had eaten enough. I was full.
I wrapped myself in the finest silks of self-love.
I was infatuated with myself.

Now I am an adult. I know who I am.
I don't settle for less and I strive for greatness.
You were everything I hated about myself.
When I met the real me, I made a decision.
I decided to never be a caterpillar again.
I decided to be a beautiful butterfly.

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