Slimy, a green glow, sticky feet
Chubby and ugly, a long worm
Repulsive! But worry not, because one day,
After much pain,
the caterpillar will become a butterfly

Anticipating a long life
Knowing not what is in store, the caterpillar thrives

Until one, unexpected day
Unsure of the process, of the pain
The worm begins to convulse
It is being broken down.
Its weaknesses and flaws are targeted
And dissolved until they are practically nothing
The torture is incredible
A makeover of needles, of knifes.
A hellfire licking every inch of surface it can

Shortly after,
The caterpillar is splashed with bright, vibrant colours
And it emerges
From its quiet cocoon.

And we are always ignorant
Its pain is foreign
The beauty is what we see

The caterpillar shivers
Never forgetting the agony, the discomfort
Flapping its new wings
Because there is always a price to beauty

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