The proximity to death and life get closer when you lose people
Yet you realize the extremity of value that they both bring.
One is as if they're right there and you can reach them
And the other is chaotic nothingness
Yet they go together- wabi-sabi

You never know how truly precious life is
Until death seeps in
It’s pivotal to go through the alexithymia
Because of the quatervois
You have to choose which is more- life or death

Do you see what troubles me
Why my blue crystal eyes turn grey when you said the word suicide
I’m a finifugal being
For an ending that already happened
God sent me into a sprezzatura
A cosmogyral solivagant paraprosexia

Shut the book
Don’t read the ending
Leave this world and enter the a new

Run through the forest barefooted
The serein sits on your skin, along with the scintilla
That if you run farther and farther away
The truth will fade and smudge and differentiate
Become a lie
Welcome to zemblanity

A constant state of dormiveglia
Of nothing close to ataraxia-if anything trapped
Thantophobia is no longer an irrational phenomenon in your world
You have to think about everything in the agathokakological sense
And build yourself as an eccedentesiast

The petrichor is overrun by the scent of morosis
And you stand there, succumbing to saudade

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