You showed up like a meteor
Crashing into me, all brilliant and bright.
Now there's just a lingering green light
In the places you created in me, around me.

But the drops and beats and words and wine and pictures and
Smoke-filled moments we shared will be there forever,
Part of you, part of me.

The universe, it was throwing me signs.
I saw them in the stars,
Heard them in the music,
Felt them in my wide-open heart.
So I kept going toward you-they were real!

Or maybe I was wrong.
Maybe they didn't mean what I thought,
What I hoped.

So I'll let you go, as long as you know
That in the vast expanse of time and space that may fall between us,
I'll be watching for you in the night sky and keeping my heart open.

Because in the end we are all connected
By love.

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