Methamphetamine, I never thought we'd meet,
But here I am, shattered and weak.
At first, you were just something to try,
But soon I found myself hooked and high.

You numbed my pain and brought me relief,
But little did I know, you were a thief.
You stole my happiness and my best friend,
And left me in a world that seems to never end.

You made me believe I was better off dead,
And filled my mind with thoughts I never said.
You promised to solve all my problems with ease,
But instead, you brought me to my knees.

Now, I see the damage you've done,
And know that this battle cannot be won.
I was once a happy boy before you came,
But now I am nothing but a broken man, filled with shame.

I can't believe I let addiction take over me
Like a silent thief in the night, it crept stealthily
I thought I was in control, oh so foolishly
But now I see the truth and it hurts so deeply

It started with a small indulgence, just one shot, But soon enough, it became a daily trip My mind and body craved it, I couldn't resist
And before I knew it, my life was a mess

I pushed away loved ones, lost my job, my home
All for the sake of that addiction's clone
I thought it was my friend, but it was my foe
Taking everything from me and not letting go.

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