Mi Amor

I need you.
I need you from the moment my eyes open and see the day.
I need you at night when it is time to dream and lay.
I need you every moment or else I do not feel complete.
I need to hold your hand when were seating in our seat.
On this amazing ride that we all call our life.
I need to be here with you. I love you dear, my wife.
I need to see you always or my days just not the same.
Days I do not see you, I'm like a candle with out a flame.
I need to be with you, so I can shine so bright.
When I am not with you I just can't seem to ignite.
I need you by my side, with out you I'm not able.
I need you on this ride. I feel out of orbit, with no cable.
I love you so much truly. It hurts. It hurts It hurts.
When I am not with you, the tears they come in spurts.
So please be here with me, always by my side.
I am proud to be here with you, whether high or shallow tide.
I will always love you and I just need you to see.
That your spot on earth is right here with me.

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