The shrill screams for help are heard only in my head.
I can feel the fingers of an inconsiderate, selfish
narcissist tighten around my throat.
No amount of clawing at those bony fingers will loosen
them, and I can feel the blood as it seeps from the
claw marks. It covers the scars from times past when I
had subjected myself to this treatment, but he has what
I want. He has total and complete control of what I
need and he knows I won't give up. He dangles them
just close enough for me to touch them, just for a
second. Then his long dense shadow looms up between us.
It sends a horrible shock through my body throwing me
to the ground. I quickly get up lunging for that which
me happy. I must have them. Again the selfish power
and control leave me gasping for breath as he pushes me
away. This time I hear a booming deep laugh the kind
you would hear an evil villain make, when he thinks he
has won. I won't let him win no matter how black and
blue, scared and bloody, my body gets or how tired I
may be, I will always get back up and keep trying to
get even a small a small amount of the for they are
the most precious things in the world to me.
R.H. Chamberlain

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This Poems Story

It is about great pain of having one person taking away something that is so vital to your life.