Michaella Part Two

I imagine you, barefoot and beautiful, skipping through a field of dandelions.
The sun's reflection on your skin leaves it looking flawless.
Your smile is genuine and your eyes sparkle.
Your white dress matches the snowy tops of the mountains that have become your backdrop.
There's a new kind of grace in your movements.
I imagine you are lost, but not worried.
Instead, you are embracing your new surroundings.
You feel like you're finally home.
I imagine you alone, but never lonely.
The days never end and your peace never shatters.
A breeze whispers softly through your hair as you gaze up at the sky.
The clouds make funny shapes.
You have never encountered such beauty in such simplicity.
You never have to welcome the dreadful darkness of the night
You will never become bored, for you will remain wide-eyed and in awe.
You will forever be young and you will forever be beautiful.

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