Mid Moon Phases

I live for morning sunrises
A moment captured,
And appreciated -
Casting rain over a writer's block dry spell
When inspiration comes to my fingertips from my origins,
Rather than the pain I have been in -
I find my words to be rather powerful than worthless

I’d like to correct myself in thinking that tainted memories make for tainted content;
Everything I believe in and follow reassures me gently,
That the things we lose,
Are the pages that turn;
Create the anthology of our lives
There cannot always be sunshine -
Even the strongest of us must endure turbulence to be reminded how supple we are

Evolving with the seasons,
Phases alongside the moon;
We are meant to be ever-growing ivory

Learning lessons jolted me into becoming intriguingly interested at becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable;
(At my discretion from now until forever this time)

We talk about comfort zones in the form of action:
Apply for the program
Talk to your crush
Letting go of bad habits
Starting new routines
Ending the toxic relationship
Confronting your family members
Knowing when it's time to go

Silently tip toeing around the field of uncomfortable conversations;
Expressing feelings,
Break ups,

Let this be the only deal with pain you may make; enduring the heart stopping feeling of saying or doing the right thing

Someone explain to me where the fine line between being a bitch and standing my ground is -
Or will my boundaries,
Expressive creative freedoms
And female autonomy
Be forever cursed for being just that?
“No one likes a mad woman”
I missed my morning sunrises
Displaying the many possibilities for the outcome of my day
Now that I have found ground in myself once again;
I will never surrender my pen -
Nor let useless words from useless mouths tamper in my self esteem or feminine grounds -
I have found my light yet
A g a i n

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This Poems Story

For all of us who have come full circle in healing, affirming and self love - I wrote a collaboration of emotion in this piece. Creating, for you, an Earth side and cosmic inspired poem inspired from my favorite part of life; growth