Using only words to paint this one
who's outward beauty can't be denied
With a way that's warm as the setting sun
her true beauty lives deep inside
A loyal friend that I've come to know
with a heart that's good and true
Her sadness shows when she's feeling low
So, I paint her heart a deep blue
Her spirit beams through bright smiling eyes
this light diffused by a sweet hello
She's like a sunny day, that brings contented sighs
So, my brush I dip in light yellow
Her soul is fueled with passion's strong desire
for the love and life that lie ahead
This zeal burns within her as a raging fire
With caution, her soul I drench in crimson red
There's an organic, natural feel to this lass
that dwells within her sight unseen
But, to the heart it shows through clear as glass
I'll coat this feeling in emerald green
With the colors in the spectrum available to me
i'm sure not painting in the dark
Bathed in prismatic light, it's plain for all to see
this beauty shines within a rainbow's arc

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