Middle School Love

From the moment I saw you walking through that school way door,
You were as pretty as can be, and it wasn't what you wore,
I sat there patiently, waiting for my time,
Uphill was my battle, a ladder for me to climb,
One fateful rainy day, I opened my eyes,
To my heart deep inside, it's sad, pitiful cries,
A few weeks after in class, someone told you how I felt,
Maybe not to this extent, but all the cards were dealt,
Those next few weeks, oh how you looked, with horror and disgust,
For every time I gazed at you, I felt like I would combust,
Eventually things settled down, it got a little less crazy,
But your imperfect picture of me was still a little hazy,
I made you pretty uncomfortable, I was awkward at the least,
By not talking to you, I hoped to make the awkwardness decease,
Now we're back to chatting, a step in the right direction,
I hope we can still be friends, even if there's no connection,
I'm sorry that I'm not popular enough,
I'm not muscular, I'm the opposite of buff,
Being the best at sports is simply something I can't do,
But I'll try my hardest if it means a chance with you,
I can never be good enough, I know it's in your head,
Just tell me now, so the weight on my shoulders can be shed,
I know the odds are slim, I'm not gonna lie,
But knowing that there is one is what keeps me going by,
All the other kids, they want a dance or a date,
It doesn't matter if their relationship is built on love or hate,
So here is where I ask you the question most divine,
I wanted to do this for a while, will you be mine?

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