Midnight bestows on moonlit crib a quiet peace
Babies sleep in thoughts of soft love
Newborns dreams of that protected milk scented embrace
While mothers guards in watchful adjoining sleep

Some on mats on earthen floors
Others in frilly beds so high the pea never to be felt
Either way parents heed and listen in the night
Loving nurture thrives

Blue moonlight peeking through lace curtains or burlap flaps
Where chants and hushed reverberation filtered out
Hidden away from sleeping infants
Preserving innocence of suckling trust

In perhaps another bed passion ebbs and flows
From man to woman and back again
Pausing to hear babies' cry of hunger and curiosity
Wetness dries and fades if only for a moment

Love resumes while babies dream
Into soft breathing and quiet climax peaks
Man to woman reverberating love flows
Infants sleeps yet long enough

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